The brand in commercial use

The Tampere.Finland brand can be used by all Tampere-based operators and it indicates that the user is proud of Tampere.

We can make Tampere better known by sending a joint message under a unified brand. Together, we can make Tampere bigger than its size.

Below, you can find examples of how the Tampere.Finland logotype has been used in different contexts.


The Tampere.Finland logo is meant for marketing the Tampere region. Laws and good customs must be observed when using the logo, and it may not be used for ideological, political or religious purposes. The logo may not be altered. Various operators may highlight the fact that they are from Tampere by using the Tampere.Finland logo on their website or in their general marketing material, for example.

Use of the logo in merchandise is not allowed. The City may use its discretion to select a few partners with whom the City will engage in commercial collaboration by creating single brand products on a campaign basis.

Restaurant Tampella

Restaurant Tampella is proud to highlight its home city through its Tampere menu and the Tampere.Finland logotype.

Example of commerical use: Restaurant Tampella

Student Union of the University of Tampere

The Student Union of the University of Tampere used the Tampere.Finland logotype to market the first event they organised under the new community of universities.

Example of commercial use: The Student Union of the University of Tampere

Business Tampere & Visit Tampere

The promotion of flight traffic will be organised under the Tampere.Finland brand. Here’s an example of how the Tampere.Finland logotype should be used: like a header, not alongside the logos of other organisations.

Example of commercial use: Business Tampere and Visit Tampere

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