Tampere.Finland brand concept

Tampere remains familiar and welcoming even as it grows. The most attractive city in Finland is known, above all, for its relaxed atmosphere and large-scale projects. Tampere welcomes investments, new residents and visitors.

The Tampere.Finland brand is for everyone in Tampere. It summarises the Tampere attitude and the city’s strong, clear voice. The spirit of Tampere can now be projected loud and clear. Let’s be proud of our city!

The Tampere.Finland brand is as unpretentious as the city itself. It leaves room for interpretations and encourages dialogue. The brand attaches Tampere firmly in the international context.

The Tampere brand is built on the city’s strengths. It’s all about the Tampere attitude, which is why it doesn’t need anything extra. The brand is as unpretentious as the city itself.

Building a shared story

Many factors make Tampere an attractive city, and its image is positive – at least for those who know what and where Tampere is. Year after year, Tampere has been chosen as one of the most desirable places to live in Finland, the most popular city among students and the most attractive city for tourists. Tampere’s branding work is aimed at clarifying the story of Tampere – creating a shared message and putting Tampere on the map internationally. With a shared story, we can solidify the Tampere’s image and enhance the experience the city offers. The similarity of messages told in different ways and originating in different places will make the story even more effective.

To create a basis for the brand story, the City of Tampere approached locals, visitors and local businesses. Feelings and views concerning the essence of Tampere were collected over 2017 through, for example, different commercial and cultural events, online surveys and the Tampereen Raati mobile application. We received more than 2,000 responses. Based on the material, we created the shared Tampere.Finland brand concept and the story of Tampere during 2018.

Children playing with snow At the Tampere Art Museum Rajaportti sauna At the Tampere Stadium

Starting points for a shared story

The story of Tampere is about the attitude that connects the city and its inhabitants. To put the story into words, we collected views from inhabitants, visitors and stakeholders concerning what they thought is at the core of the Tampere spirit, and what makes the people in Tampere different from others.

The story built on these thoughts is the starting point of the entire Tampere.Finland brand. Other building blocks for the story include the Tampere keywords: idea, work, feeling, experience, change and home. A strong shared story is made to be passed on.

Tampere keywords

Tampere’s keywords (home, feeling, experience, change, idea and work) are matter-of-fact nouns that are not charged with values (like ‘innovation’ or ‘well-being’). The words should not be combined with adjectives or other qualifiers (e.g., good idea, warm atmosphere).

Keywords that aren’t overly expressive but still cause an emotional response leave room for personal interpretations. The City of Tampere uses the keywords in its marketing and communications. The words, like the whole Tampere.Finland brand, can be freely used by businesses, communities and other stakeholders.

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